SERF - Socially & Environmentally Responsible Farms

SERF Certified Christmas Trees are grown on sustainable farms in the Pacific Northwest inspected by the Washington and Oregon Departments of Agriculture. SERF Certified farms have documented their commitment to the use of environmentally sustainable farm practices that build and conserve the soil and water, protect riparian zones, maintain biodiversity and preserve wildlife habitat.

With the labor-intensive methods used on Christmas tree farms, SERF certified farms provide local rural economies with dependable year-round green jobs, providing employee training, proper sanitation, and documented worker safety measures. Certified Christmas tree farms must also have demonstrated consumer outreach efforts to communicate with the public about environmental certification of Christmas tree farms. The objective is a program that instills a high degree of confidence among consumers that environmentally certified Christmas trees are grown in a responsible way that is both beneficial to the land and also supports local rural economies.

The SERF Certified sustainable Christmas tree farm project is currently being administered by Oregon State University Extension in conjunction with the Washington and Oregon Departments of Agriculture. Environmental sustainability plans created by participating farms are submitted to the program for review and evaluation, which is then followed by a onsite audit of the farm by Department of Agriculture inspectors to verify compliance.

The Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Association is actively seeking participation from any Christmas tree farm seeking to become environmentally certified. Although the PNWCTA is helping to coordinate the program, association membership is not required to participate. Industry wide support will be required before administrative rules can be written to formally create an ODA certification. To find out more about becoming a SERF Certified Christmas tree farm, contact Chal Landgren at

To assist Christmas tree farms in creating their sustainability plan, a series of instructional panels has been prepared. You can click here to view the Instructional Images (pdf) (1.4 MB) or you can download the files as PowerPoint presentations Creating your Sustainability Plan (5.6 MB) and Christmas Tree Consumer Outreach. (17 MB) These are large files so they will require some time to download.

Download the 2012 SERF application here: SERF APP.pdf

The following farms have been SERF Certified in 2011
Santa & Sons is active not only in SERF, but also the Coalition of Environmentally Conscious Growers

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Whitewater Ranch is certified Enviornmentally Friendly

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